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Hairdresser & Beauty Salon  



Inmobiliario / Real Estate



Norcan Real Estate está situada en Mogán, al sur de la isla de Gran Canaria (España) con una gran experiencia en el sector inmobiliario. Disponemos de una amplia cartera de propiedades, donde seguro encontrara, lo que está buscando. Déjese asesorar por nuestro equipo comercial que le ayudará a encontrar la mejor opción.

Norcan Real Estate is located in Mogan, south of the island of Gran Canaria (Spain) with extensive experience in real estate. We have a large portfolio of properties, which are sure to find, what you are looking for. Be informed by our sales team to help you find the best option.


Aquiler y excursiones moto y coche / Motorcycle rent/tour



Our motor pool consists of recent machines, all of the Honda brand, that allow you an easy and comfortable exploring of the island. Gran Canaria offers beautiful landscapes, full of variety, and splendidly constructed roads, that means perfect conditions to make your trip an unforgettable experience. Driving licence (at least 3 years) will do, a special licence for mopeds is not required.


Tourist Information




Water Sports





Aquasport watersports was founded in 2006 is one of the leading aquatic Amusement and Leisure centres in Gran Canaria offering a variety of watersports.

We are armed with modern facilities and professional staff to ensure safe fun.

Aquasport fundada en 2006 es líder en Gran Canaria en Diversión y Ocio Náutico ofreciendo una gran variedad de actividades náuticas para la diversión tanto para ellos como para ellas pequeños y mayores.

Contando con unas modernas instalaciones y equipo de profesionales para garantizar una diversión segura.


Submarine Tours



Enjoy an exciting journey to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean comfortably seated in the cockpit of a real submarine: the Golden Shark, an unforgettable experience, which lasts about 40 minutes, full of surprises at every dive. Thanks to the large portholes you can admire our underwater marine life and shipwrecks that are approximately at 25 feet deep.

The atmospheric conditions inside the Golden Shark are fully regulated so that our passengers will not receive any change in pressure during the dive. The tour is suitable for all public, and there is no risk to pregnant women, people with hearing problems, heart, etc.

Disfruta de un emocionante viaje al fondo del océano Atlántico cómodamente sentado en la cabina de un auténtico submarino: el Golden Shark. Una experiencia inolvidable, de aproximadamente 40 minutos, llena de sorpresas en cada inmersión. Gracias a los grandes ojos de buey de los que dispone nuestro submarino podrás admirar la fauna marina y pecios que se encuentran, aproximadamente, a 25 metros de profundidad.

Las condiciones atmosféricas del interior del Golden Shark están completamente reguladas por lo que nuestros pasajeros no percibirán ningún cambio de presión durante la inmersión. La excursión es apta para todo tipo de público, no existiendo riesgo para mujeres embarazadas, personas con problemas de oído, corazón, etc.


Luxury Apartments





On the south western coast of Gran Canaria we rent and sell a variety of apartments. The apartments are highly equipped and appropriate for self catering and to suit all tastes. Forget stress and bustle and dive in the stunning undisturbed natural beauty of the almost inviolated and bizzare landscape of Gran Canaria “The island of contrasts” with the mild climate all season / all year long..


Sports Fishing





We offer you multiple sorts of sport fishing like: trolling, deep sea fishing, evening fishing and jigging.

Cal Rei offers you the possibility to catch Atlantic blue marlin, white marlin, spearfish, blue fin tuna, big eye tuna, yellow fin tuna, barracuda, sharks, wahoo, dolphinfish (mahi mahi), Bonito, and so on...

Our crew speaks English, Dutch, Spanish, German, French and most of all they will give you a successful day fishing on the beautiful island of Gran Canaria.







Casa Lila, with a stylized sun painted on the gable is clearly visible from across the valley. Originally a Spanish-style rural chalet, the owner, a German woman, has converted it into homely holiday apartments of various sizes, each with its own style.

With its many terraces, and set in a garden it will appeal to those looking for something more individual as an alternative to the usual tourist accommodation.


Farmacia / Pharmacy